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"Eventually a compromise was reached after several years of disagreement and fighting and the Big Cypress would be a new breed of federal cat, a Preserve. It and Big Thicket would be the first ones."
- Franklin Adams

Thank You

Clyde Butcher

Cover Photography

A Legendary Photographer and National Treasure

The scale and extraordinary clarity of his work sets it apart as exceptional. In the tradition of the nineteenth-century Hudson River School painters, Clyde composes his works at pristine and untarnished locations across the United States, creating arresting compositions that distinctly mark him as the foremost landscape photographer in America today.

And thank you to Teresa Ziegler, Venice Gallery and Studio,
237 Warfield Avenue, Venice, Florida - 941.486.0811  |

Connie Bransilver, Photography -

GUARDIAN CLYDE BUTCHER ©Nicholas Petrucci .tiff

Nicholas Petrucci, Paintings -

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